Essential Oils for Pregnancy

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essential oils for your pregnancy and beyond

No doubt: essential oils can be wonderful little helpers for your pregnancy, birth and the time after that!

And of course, it is very important to use essential oils wisely during this precious time.

There are basically 4 things to consider:

1. Trust and follow your nose

If you open a bottle of essential oil and take a breathe and immediately wrinkle your nose, then please, do not use this essential oil. Our sense of smell is a very important alarm system and as you most likely have noticed, this system is much more sensitive during pregnancy. So: trust and follow your nose.

2. Know the quality of your essential oil

Everything that is in your essential oil gets into your body and a part of it also goes to your growing baby : any impurity or contamination, synthetic additions, any dilution with cheaper or synthetic oils. Especially during pregnancy and later with your newborn baby it is super important to use high quality essential oils.

3. Quantity

Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids, so less is actually more. If you follow your nose, you will most likely intuitively start with less. Apply the oils drop by drop and start with less, raising the quantity gradually drop by drop, if at all.

4. Please check out the label and do your own research

I actually have to tell you to read the label 😉 I think it is much more important that you do your own research, ask your midwife, read different herbal books and exchange with other pregnant ladies. It is your body and in this way you are learning drop by drop, what works best for you and your baby.
Marianne Just-Meyer Young Living

Why essential oils during pregnancy?

Being pregnant is without a doubt a time of great changes and transformation – bedywise, emotional as well as social.

High quality essential oils can support you on all levels: they can harmonise, stabilise and balance.

Essential oils can support you when you are feeling temporary unwell, for ex. in early pregnancy and can help to experience this new situation with joy and confidence.
The application of essential oils can help to strengthen the bond with your baby.

With the help of essential oils you can eliminate or reduce toxin in your body care and household cleaning products.

And they can create a relaxing atmosphere in your home, support your healthy breathing, can ground you and add to the possibility of a normal pregnancy.


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essential oils for your pregnancy and beyond

Are essential oils safe to use during pregnancy?

You can find more and more studies showing the benefits of essential oils for pregnancy.

And of course there are essential oils that are not recommended to use during pregnancy as is the case with some herbs or pharmaceutical medication.

You can download a free pdf with more information here:

Marianne Just-Meyer Young Living

You will find more ideas which essential oils you can use.

It is ok if it is simple. That way you are building your confidence in using the essential oils safely drop by drop. At the same time you are benefitting from your daily dose of self care and wellness at home.
essential belly care oil


Add a couple of drops of Lavender essential oil to a carrier oil, for ex. almond oil and apply daily on your growing belly.

A couple of drops of the essential oil blend Gentle Baby™ is equally wonderful as a Bellycare oil

Riechfläschchen = Sniffle bottle

A sniffle bottle ( translated from german 🙂 ) can be a simple yet really effective little helper in the beginning of your pregnancy: just keep it by your bed and in your pocket all the time.

You could use simply a bottle of lemon essential oil, Peppermint or Spearmint. Just open the bottle and take a deep breath in as needed.

Of course you can dilute the above mentioned essential oils with a neutral carrier oil, like almond oil and sniffle as you need it.

essential aroma bottle
essential diffuser blends

Diffuser blends:

„Good morning“: add 1-2 drops of each lemon and peppermint essential oil in your cold diffuser and enjoy the fresh aroma in the morning.

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You can find more ideas and information in this free pdf

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