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Do you have some vinegar and some baking soda in your kitchen cupboard at home?

Awesome, then all you need is some high quality essential oils and the concentrated YL household cleaner Thieves® to start: with these you can easily and effectively make your own household cleaning products, that are environmentally friendly and healthy.

In order to make these, all you have to do is adding water, shaking or stirring and start cleaning 🙂

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Marianne Just-Meyer Young Living

It does matter, what we put on our skin over time.

It does matter, what kind of soaps, shampoos, body lotions, after shaves, deodorants we use every day.

It does matter what kind of make up we put on our sensitive facial skin.

And it does matter, what household cleaner we use to clean our home.


Because in most of the commonly used body care and household cleaning products we do find ingredients that stress and endanger our bodies over time.

Bioaccumulation = accumulation of one or more substances in an organism through assimilation from environment or food.

This is especially true for products that we use daily, over weeks and over the years like body care products and make up.

Health Consequences

You will find more and more studies showing the connection between specific ingredients and chronic illnesses, cancer and infertility.

And they haven’t even started to check out the consequences from the combination and accumulations different substances with each other.

We even find questionable Ingredients in baby care products! Personally I find this truly unbelievable: What on earth did the producers think, putting asbestos in baby care products? Really? For years?

In the meantime you can find studies that foundtoxic chemicals in the blood of the umbilicle cord of newborns

So on top of the physical transition to the life outside it’s mother’s womb, the newborn now has to also deal with toxic chemicals in it’s body. Hm….

Does it really matter?

On yachts for example, the cleaning happens in sometimes very tight areas with intense cleaning products that are poisonous for humans and animals. You can find the warning symbols everywhere on the cleaning products. With the fish and the skulls and stuff.

But we are so used to a certain smell that we associate with cleanliness, that we pass over our concerns and oh by the way, that toilette really needs a good disinfection today….

At the end of the charter season, Christian regularly reports of stewardesses with heavy breathing and skin problems….

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Phtalates, triclosan, parabenes, aluminum, formaldehyd, sodium lauryl sulfate, dimethicone?!?

Have you started to check out ingredients listed on the labels of your body care and household cleaner products?

What are the alternatives?

Fortunately you find more and more healthy alternatives on the market today!

Besides great body-, hair- and facial care products for women and men, Young Living also offers healthy make up, mineral sunscreen, non fluoride toothpaste, hand disinfectant and baby care products.

All of these based on high quality essential oils and non toxic ingredients.

We ditched and switched a lot in our householdso far. And most of the products we do get from Young Living or I make my own with the essential oils.

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