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Scentational Body Scrub with Essential Oils

14. December 2021

With this scentational body scrub you can add most of your favourite essential oils. This way you can create a whole new aromatic experience each time with a new scent.

This easy made aromatic body scrub is also a great little gift and you can easily build your own range of environmentally friendly body care products.

instructions: body scrub made simple

This is what you need for your diy body scrub:

  • an empty glass jar with a lid, for ex. a clean jelly glass jar.
  • sugar I like to use brown sugar, but not too coarse.
  • some carrier oil, for ex. almond oil, jojoba oil or the YL V6 oil complex. coconutoil does not work well, as it solidifies when being in a cold environment.
  • a couple of drops of essential oils
  • a label to not what it is and which essential oil you have used.

And this is how it is done:

Fill the sugar into the glass jar. Add a bit of carrier oil. Stir to get an even paste. Then add some drops of essential oils and stir again. And voilà, your body scrub is ready to be used.

I love essential Orange oil together with Vanille. But Grapefruit oil, Lavender, Lemon, Copaiba oder StressAway are also great options, to name just a few.

For a body peeling for men, you can use the Young Living essential oil blend Shutran, Idaho blue spruce or Northern Lights black spruce with copaiba.

Which is your favorite combination?

Marianne Just-Meyer

Kreativ und neugierig, liebe ich es mit den ätherischen Ölen zu arbeiten und hoffe, Dich damit inspirieren zu können. Viel Freude beim Ausprobieren!

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