CBD Essentials

Marianne Just-Meyer Young Living

CBD – Cannabidiol- is a natural substance of the hemp plant and is getting very popular these days.

CBD alone does not have psychoactive properties, but provides lots of possible benefits for animals and humans.

And as with essential oils, it is highly important to check out the quality, the amount/percentage and the kind of CBD that you want to apply:

Why is it important to check the quality of your CBD?

Up to 85% of CBD products contain pesticides, solvents and/or other contamination and pollution. (Dr. Oli Wenker, CBD and Essential Oils)

How much CBD is actually in a CBD product?

70% of all CBD products are not labeled precisely, meaning there could be more or less or even none of CBD present than listed in the product.

How much % THC is actually present in the CBD product?

THC is that component that makes you high.

The percentage of THC, that is actually in the product can vary very much, no matter what is marked on the label.

This can lead to awkward surprises and non desired effects.

Marianne Just-Meyer Young Living

There are 3 types of CBD:


1. Full Spectrum CBD

It is called full spectrum CBD when the CBD is extracted from the whole plant. Usually the end product tastes quite bitter, because it contains all components of the plant, including traces of THC.


2. Broad Spectrum CBD

The bitter tasting components are filtered out.


3. Isolated CBD

This is pure CBD with our the entourage effect. The advantage: this is CBD in its clean and pure state without any THC or other contamination.

Entourage Effect: all components are working together. They intensify, balance each other or act differently together than alone in an isolated form.

Marianne Just-Meyer Young Living

Young Living created a 4th form of CBD: Smart CBD

For the Smart CBD, the isolated CBD is combined with YL essential oils in order to profit from the entourage effect.

This way all advantages are combined: with the isolated CBD, YL makes sure there is 0% THC in the YL/ Nature’s Ultra CBD. This can be very important for quite some occupational groups, that are regularly tested for any kind of drugs or people who really only want to profit from CBD.

Through adding essential oils, the entourage effect is ensured.

CBD Oil Young Living
CBD Muscle Balm

There are 2 great CBD Starter Kits from Young Living and Nature’s Ultra with 2 different kind of CBD concentration.

We love to apply the CBD Calm Roll-on on our wrists and around our neck just before going to sleep.

And we also apply the CBD Muscle Balm regularly after a long hike, a work out, tired fingers and joints and temporary tense muscles of our necks.

Find out more about Young Livings/Nature’s Ultra CBD products here: