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Inspirations, Ideas and DIYs that enhance and ease your daily life, making it brighter and more colourful.

With the wonderful essential oils and scented products from Young Living.

If you are curious about a self-determined care for your health, you are here in the right place.

If you want to know more about how you can support your wellbeing during pregnancy, but also during menopause, you have come to the right place.

And if you are curious about how to eliminate toxins easy yet effectively in your every day life, this is also for you!

Inspirations, ideas, DIYs and recipes for essential oils
Marianne Just-Meyer Young Living

Scentational Inspirations for you:

Essential Oils: Safety & Essentials

Safety & Essentials

Here you will find information about the safe use of essential oils.
Essential Oils: Everyday Application

Daily Application

Here you will find ideas for daily application of the oils.
Essential Oils: Pregnancy oils

Essential Oils for Pregnancy

Safe application for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum time

Essential Oils: healthy, toxin free Home

Healthy, toxin free Home

Find healthy, toxin free home recipes, DIYs and inspiration about a healthy home here

Essential Oils: CBD

Essentials about CBD

Important infos, basics and inspirations about the application of CBD.

Essential Oils: Marianne Just-Meyer

About me

More about how it all started with the essential oils

Lavenderfarm Marianne Just-Meyer

My name is

Marianne Just-Meyer and together with my husband Christian Meyer, aka Captain Nitro, we love, use and share about the Young Living essential oils and products since 2013.

It is my believe that we all have a right to make informed choices, so that each and every one is empowered to create a free and independent life of her /his own:
in health, emotional and also financial matters.

The work together with Young Living is for me a powerful and very versatile possibility, to share with you solutions and alternatives in all these matters.

Marianne Just-Meyer Young Living

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Marianne Just-Meyer Young Living

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11 recipes for Thieves® Household Cleaner

For you: 11 recipes with the Thieves® Household Cleaner

Essential Oils Starter Kit Application Calendar

Essential Oils Starter Kit Application Calendar

Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Birth

Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Birth

Marianne Just-Meyer Young Living

You have questions about:


How can Young Living essential oils and products support you in your every day life?


Which essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy, birth and for the postpartum time?


How you can create a toxin free home for yourself and your loved ones?

Marianne Just-Meyer
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Marianne Just-Meyer Young Living

How it all started for us with the Young Living essential oils

During the time that I worked as a home birth midwife my herbal tinctures and plant concoctions were my trusted allies and powerful little helpers.

The knowledge and the confidence in using herbs came from my apprenticeship with Susun S. Weed. She is teaching herbal medicine in the tradition of the wise woman.

Back then we midwives also had some essential oils in our bags, but I never fully trusted them. They never really caught my attention.

Years later I opened a bottle of the YL blend StressAway and loved it so much, I wanted to crawl into the bottle!

It was a whole new scentational experience!

Today I love to make easy yet potent DIYs, creams and salves, aroma blends, several cleaning products and even perfume (Roll-ons) – often in combination with my plant extracts – for our every day needs.

And I am always happy to share my knowledge about herbs and essential oils with you, so that you, too, can feel confident and benefit from applying these essential oils in your daily life.

Aroma Experience essential oils
Why Young Living/ essential oils?
Marianne Just-Meyer Young Living

Why Young Living

When I first heard about Young Living, I was excited right away, that Young Living has its own farms worldwide and that we can visit them and check them out!

And we visit these farms at every occasion: every year we go to the Lavender farm in Simiane-la-Rotonde en Provence, France. We have been several times to the Helichrysum Farm in Croatia and also to the Mona Farm in Utah, US.

Young Living farms and partner farms are spread around the globe, because plants grow best in their specific climate zone and on a specific continent.

I love to talk with the employers and the farmers – if the language permits – and learn from them, but also to help a bit on the fields and witness the fascinating process of distillation.

The transparency of the quality that is shown that way is simply amazing and unique!

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