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natural Deo – homemade of course

5. May 2022

natural Deo – homemade of course

Here you find 3 recipes for your deodorant – homemade of course
Without further ado, here is the first and easiest recipe for your diy homemade deodorant:

Deo Recipe 1- Basic

You will need:

  • 2 parts coconut oil
  • 1 part (baking-)soda/sodium bicarbonate/ NaHCO3
  • 1 part cornstarch
  • and essential oils of your choice

This is how:

Blend the sodium bicarbonate with the corn starch and stirr in double the amount of melted coconut oil in order tomake a nice creamy paste. Then add some essential oils of your choice, fill into a glass jar with a lid and let it sit to cool down. Et voilà : your natural homemade deo is done !

Application: the easiest way is to have a little spatula ready and scoop out a small amount to put on your armpit. Reapply if desired. There is no need to store this basic homemade deo in the fridge, if using it daily regulary.

Personally I find this deo too hard, especially as the coconut oil in our nothern countries is already hard at room temperature. If you are living somewhere warmer, it might just be very good to use. If you want it a bit creamier, you could add a little shea butter into this blend. Please find that recipe further down.

Choice of Essential Oils for your homemade Deo

-a selection of suitable essential oils-

Which essential oils are suitable for your homemade deodorant?

The commonly used essential oils for deodorants are sage, cypress, tea tree, geranium, rosemary, sandalwood, petit grain, lemon myrtle and lavender….

Copaiba can be a wonderful noroushing addition to any of these.

But also lemon, lime and lemongrass can be very nice!
Please check out the safety informationabout lemon and lime as they can be photosensitive.

There are also some Young Living essential oil blends that could be used wonderfully like Purification, StressAway, Gentle Baby or even Lady Sclareol!

My favorites right now are Lemon Myrtle and Copaiba !

And I am using 10-20 drops of essential oil to 10 ml of homemade deodorant.

However please check for yourself ! If you are using high quality essential oil, you really can follow your nose and what essential oil you like and how much of it.

Start with using a small amount of essential oil and slowly rise the amount of drops, until it is right for you.

You ask with which essential oil to start? Keep it simple:
Start with applying on essentia oil or one blend. This way it is also easier to keep track on how you react to the oils. And of course, this is true not only for homemade deodorant, but for all diy recipes 🙂 .

Homemade Deo Spray

Homemade Deodorant Recipe 2 – Spray

The following is a recipe for a homemade deodorant based on water for a little bottle with a spraying top:

This is what you need:

  • 90ml boiled and cooled down water
  • ca 1 teaspoon (baking-)soda/sodium bicarbonate/ NaHCO3
  • essential oils (about 20-40 drops)
  • glasbottle with a spray top


Dilute the soda in the boiled water and add the desired amount of essential oils to this. shake well and mount the spraying top.

Sake well before each application.

Ingredients for homemade deodorant

Homemde Deodorant Recipe 3 – Cream

You will need:

  • 1 part coconut oil
  • 1 part sheabutter
  • 1 part (baking-)soda/sodium bicarbonate/ NaHCO3
  • 1 part corn starch
  • essential oil of your choice

And this is how to prepare it:

In a water bath melt the coconut oil and the sheabutter until liquid. Remove from the heat source.

Add the Soda and the corn starch one after the other and blend in well.

You can then add your essential oils into the blend.

Either you fill the cream into a glass jar now or you wait until it is ready.

We now need some patience: The cream needs to cool down and you will have to stir the cream every once in a while. I put the cream shortly (about 5Min) into the fridge, take it out, stir and repeat this if the cream is still too liquid.

After a while you should have a nice textured cream.

This recipe is actually my favorite 🙂

hommade creamy deodorant

Homemade instead of buying?

In general I find it much more fitting to make my own cleaning and body care products that we are using daily instead of buying every single product in the store.

However you will need a couple of basic ingredients at home. Essential oils, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, soda, carrier oil, vinegar, sea salt and brown sugar are our basics.

When I am running out of deodorant I only need a couple of minutes to make another batch.
And I can be creative, adding another scent each time I make it.

On the other side we do find good, natural and ecological alternatives of cleaning and body care products on the market nowadays.

So I am aczually walking on a middle path: soemtimes I buy dishwasher tabs, and others I use my homemade ones. I really like to be independant. And so I also like to know how to make my own products that we use every day either at home, on the boat or in the camper.

With this, please enjoy the process of making your own natural deodorant !

Scentational yours,

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